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Web Content Management

Simplify web content development, publication and maintenance by enabling business end-users to quickly generate, manage and publish a wide array of content without the need for technical knowledge. Capture, store, and manage massive volumes of content from disparate sources and make that content easily available to a wide range of users. Solutions include internet, intranet and extranet web sites.

Whether you're migrating from a legacy web content platform or looking to leverage an open source WCM platform for a new project, 1Tech WCM solutions streamline collaboration across the enterprise, facilitate quick access to timely information and drive business and organisational success.

Key Features

  • Multiple site management capability through centralised control of web site architecture, navigation and presentation
  • Windows explorer based view, with a WYSIWYG editor allowing direct content edit
  • User authentication, version control and permissions-based access to all content
  • Anytime, anywhere web publishing with offline/online workflow
  • Advanced link management
  • Multiple channel (portal, web sites and email) integration that connects users on a variety of devices (laptop, cell phone and PDA)
  • Scalable, reliable, and high performance web content delivery


  • Minimise end-user learning curve through familiar browser interface
  • Streamline publishing via centralised workflow management integrating disparate sites and data formats
  • Eliminate IT bottlenecks by providing easy-to-use editing and publishing tools for non technical users
  • Improve quality, quantity, and timeliness of information available to users by automating processes
  • educe operational costs with zero licensing fees and no vendor lock-in making supporting, managing, and expanding systems straightforward and cost-effective