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Government agencies are under pressure to reduce expenditure, modernise business processes and align systems with open standards.


1Tech offers solutions that enable government agencies to automate transactions, reduce paper-based processes, and drastically reduce costs - ultimately ensuring faster, better service for citizens.


With tight budgets and increasing pressure to improve the speed and quality of services available to constituents, government agencies are constantly seeking reliable, cost-effective technology solutions. The volume of government information that is created, communicated, and stored electronically is growing at an exponential rate. This growth, while improving efficiency, also causes a myriad of compliance and usability issues. Expense pressures and archaic infrastructures limit how well proprietary applications can be leveraged to achieve the economies and integration afforded by open source systems.


1Tech offers open source alternatives to traditional proprietary systems, and can help government agencies reduce costs, improve services, and migrate off of outdated legacy systems.