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Create scalable B2C/B2B E-Commerce stores with extensive product catalogue features such as rules based pricing, promotions, product search and intelligent cross sell and up sell features.

Our open source E-Commerce solutions power some of the world's largest online presences. 1Tech E-Commerce solutions are suitable for SME to large corporations that wish to implement sophisticated product catalogues and online stores. With the ability to manage multiple online stores in any language and target customers with unique marketing promotions it is possible to address the most complex of sales campaigns.


  • Perfect for B2C and B2B eCommerce
  • Supports automatic switching from HTTP (insecure) to HTTPS (secure) and back based on protection desired for each page
  • Product Stores
    • Select which stores will handle which catalogs, categories and products
  • Product Catalogues
    • Associate product with price, location, availability, features, graphics, and other details
  • Product Categories
  • Products
    • Gather information on facilities, inventory, content, IDs, keywords, associations, suppliers, attributes, and more
  • Product Features
    • Add, delete or modify features as shown in the catalog for any product
  • Price Rules
    • Prices can be modified at a working employee or ordering level when the rules are defined here for price variations such as discounts, special sales conditions, etc.
  • Product search
    • Supports any combination of constraints per search, including keyword, category, feature, and other constraints
  • Product category browse
    • Unlimited number of products, categories and catalogs
  • Product detail view
    • Displays all relevant product information including name, short and long descriptions, price, whether or not inventory is available, etc.
  • Cross-sells and up-sells
  • Shopping cart random cross-sells
  • Quick re-order
    • Re-order list built from products previously ordered
  • Promotions
  • Rule Based Pricing
  • Customer Profile
  • Shopping Cart and Checkout Process
  • Order History
  • Affiliate and Marketing Data


  • Free and open source software
  • Standards based
    • Based on: Sun Java, J2EE, W3C XML, HTML, SOA, WfMC XPDL, OMG GL, Party, Product, Workflow
  • All applications built on the same framework, tools and components
  • Flexible and efficient to use data layer
  • Loosely coupled multi-layer component architecture
  • Service based logic layer
  • Advanced web application framework


  • A complete, credible solution with no licensing fees
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Feature rich with a robust data model
  • Scalable, flexible open architecture with frequent updates and wide support
  • Active and collaborative development community