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Financial Services

Banks, credit card companies, and brokerages deal with an enormous amount of paper and an increasingly electronic transaction model.

1Tech can help financial services firms reduce costs and streamline processes through solutions for formatting, storing, delivering and, when appropriate, destroying documents based on industry best practices and customer policies.

Banks, credit card companies, and brokerages face increasing competition, rising transaction costs, and growing customer demand for Internet-based services. Many of these organisations still rely on mainframes and proprietary applications for document and data processing and storage, making it difficult to implement effective content management solutions. Heavy investment in legacy applications, combined with significant competitive and regulatory pressures, impose integration, ROI, and scalability requirements that are difficult to address with proprietary systems.

1Tech understands financial services business processes and the underlying technology currently in use in this industry. We have a range of solutions that enable firms to migrate paper-based or proprietary applications to more cost-effective, flexible open source environments. We're well versed on regulatory requirements and industry best practices, and we understand how effective content management gives financial services firms a significant competitive edge.