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OSIM – Tools (Project Workbench)

Each project environment is different. The OSIM method is designed to be tailored for each project with three aims in mind:


  • Implementation Efficiency
  • Quality Management
  • Client Method Integration


To support our project teams in adapting the method and applying appropriate standards and practices, 1Tech has developed the OSIM Project Workbench. This allows a Project Manager or Process Engineer to construct a specialised version of the method for a given project, retaining essential governance elements and applying tried-and-tested strategies for project delivery. The Workbench, which contains all elements for all types of projects, is regularly updated as a result of project experience as part of a policy of continuous improvement.



All processes and activities are customised and defined with workflows, team assignments, pre-configured templates, checklists and guidelines to ensure consistency and audit ability. By continuously capturing real project experiences and fine-tuning our approach, we ensure that our clients benefit from our experience and the reuse of proven strategies and methods.