Superior business results achieved with open source solutions


Today, many businesses, government agencies and other organisations use business application software solutions from proprietary vendors which are often expensive, difficult to deploy and costly to maintain. Many of today’s systems were built well before most institutional IT infrastructure components and standards that we now take for granted were developed.


To gain a competitive advantage, organisations must adopt solutions delivered from open source software


The main benefit from adopting open source software is a lower total cost of ownership which allow budgets to be directed into strategic business process improvements.


Enterprises turn to 1Tech to help them implement open source business solutions. 1Tech has the widest range of services, the deepest technical expertise, and the most thorough real world experience in open source solutions integration. 1Tech offers a range of solution suites that can be optimised for each customer's unique requirements and existing infrastructure. We have a range of solutions that can be customised, combined or, if they meet your needs, delivered straight from the box.


Given the breadth and depth of both our open source and development expertise, we can rapidly and effectively deliver the most powerful solutions available.


To ensure that our customers get exactly what they need, we offer a variety of solutions that can be deployed out of the box, customised or integrated with other systems. More


At 1Tech, we are commited to providing "Value through knowledge". Knowledge means different things for different organisations. 1Tech understands how to leverage open source to design and build cost-effective solutions that are optimised for a wide range of industry-specific business processes. More

Delivery Method

All 1Tech solutions are delivered using our world renowned 1TechOSIM methodology. This method is tailored to fit the client's project requirements and environment. It is unique method that integrates open source software into the full delivery process. More