Liferay Portal

Liferay is the most powerful, fully functional open source portal product available. 1Tech has delivered sector specific business solutions to complex requirements using the Liferay portal framework. 


Liferay is the leading open source portal solution on the market. The software is used by leading companies and organisations worldwide. Liferay is used to power internet, intranet and extranet collaborative and community based projects. 1Tech has been working with Liferay for over 10 years.


With an extensive past experience of delivering solutions based on the Liferay platform, 1Tech have accumlated deep expertise in Liferay Portal. 


Examples of services previously provided include:


  • Portal Consulting using Liferay
    • Advise on how Liferay could fit within your organisation
    • Assist with delivering the complete portal project throuhgout the complete lifecycle
  • Business Requirements Analysis
    • Full requirements elicitation, analysis and definition
  • Installation assistance
    • Assist with installing, deploying, and configuring Liferay Portal
  • Migration assistance
    • Assist with migrating from any portal to Liferay Portal
    • Assist with migrating applications onto Liferay Portal
  • Custom solutions
    • Provide customized solutions to meet the diverse needs of enterprises
    • Create a proof of concept pilot before investing heavily in your portal project
  • Software Development
    • Liferay portlet development
    • Liferay development
  • System analysis and design
    • Analyse end user needs and business requirements within a portal infrastructure
    • Assist with software design of your portal project
  • Front end theme design
    • Create front end themes that reflect your company's image
  • Code validation
    • Provides a validation service for your portal development projects
    • Offers you peace of mind that your projects are on track
    • Reduces cost and time spent troubleshooting errors
  • Architecture assistance
    • Ensure best practices approach to portal development
    • Provide a detailed plan of recommended enhancements
  • Performance tuning and scalability
    • Provide recommendation of hardware/software environment tailored to your organization
    • Optimise Liferay Portal performance
    • Assist with setting up a clustered environment for scalability and fault tolerance

Please note that we have extensive experience of working with Liferay 4, Liferay 5 and Liferay 6.


Liferay Benefits:

  • Zero License Fees - Liferay Portal's liberal MIT license requires zero license fees and no reciprocity clauses. 1Tech offer a superior Liferay enterprise edition license with additional features. Please ask us for further information on the feature list of the Liferay enterprise edition license.
  • Open Source- Access to the source code guarantees your portal investment can be developed independently from a third-party vendor or integrator.
  • Standards Support - Support for standards ensures that Liferay Portal remains vendor-neutral and maximizes existing technologies and infrastructure. Liferay supports the following standards: J2EE, JSR-168, SOAP / WSRP / Web Services, JSR-170, MyFaces.
  • High Compatibility - Liferay Portal's compatibility with major application servers, database servers, and operating systems (over 700 deployment configurations) drastically reduces the initial hardware and software investment required by your portal initiative.
  • Pre-Bundled Portlets - Over 60 functional portlets reduce customization costs. Many Liferay users can deploy straight out of the box.
  • High-Value Support Contracts – Liferay/1Tech joint application support contracts offer a broad range of SLA options for both SMBs and enterprises.

Enterprise Functional Features:

  • Liferay Portal core features:
    • Runs on all major app servers & servlet containers, databases, and operating systems (over 700 deployment combinations)
    • Uses the latest in Java, J2EE, and Web 2.0 technologies
    • JSR-168 compliant portable across other portal servers
    • Over 60 portlets out-of-the-box
    • Personalised pages for all users
    • Benchmarked as among the most secure portal platforms using LogicLibrary's Logiscan suite
    • Built in Content Management System (CMS) & Collaboration suite
  • Liferay Journal provides a fully functional integrated content management (CMS) and web publishing solution with the following features:
    • Web publishing
    • Separation of content from layout
    • Document library, bookmarks, image gallery
    • Roles-based permissioning and workflow
    • Publishing workflow, versioning, structured content, XSL and Velocity templates, and WYSIWYG editing for end-users
    • Page staging
  • Liferay Collaboration Suite contains many applications that facilitate delivery of collaboration and community based applications:
    • Blogs, wikis, mail, calendar, enterprise IM, RSS, and more
    • Microformat Support - Transfer your calendar and user information via Web 2.0 standards.
    • Meta-Tagging Support - Use Liferay's tagging functionality wi th Liferay's CMS portlets to dynamically share important or interesting content with other portal users

Technical Features:

  • Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) -Reap the benefits of accelerated development, re-usable services, and composite applications.
  • Security - Liferay uses industry-standard, government-grade encryption technologies including advanced algorithms such as DES, MD5 and RSA. Liferay was benchmarked as among the most secure portal platforms using LogicLibrary's Logiscan suite.
  • Single Sign On - Increase productivity by allowing end-users to avoid the hassle of logging in to several applications separately. Liferay offers customisable single sign-on with Yale CAS, JAAS, LDAP, Netegrity, Microsoft Exchange, and more.
  • Multi-Tier, Limitless Clustering - Liferay's enterprise scalability handles caching no matter how much hardware is added. Cluster Liferay Portal Enterprise at any combination of multiple tiers - presentation, service, business logic, and database - to meet specific load requirements, one processor at a time.
  • High Availability - Maintain zero down time for business critical applications with Hardware/Software Load Balancing, HTTP Failover, Session Replication, and Distributed Cache (using Lightweight Multicast Protocol).
  • Page Caching - Increase Web performance with full-page caching for static content.
  • Dynamic Virtual Hosting - Extend the potential of the business and community by granting individual community members their own page with a user-defined friendly URL.


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