Corporate Brochure


Provide a seamless unified, personalised easy to use user interface aggregating corporate information assets. Deliver information from anywhere, in any format. Our solutions coporate internal and external portals that deliver intranet, extranet and internet based collaboration


1Tech portal solutions provide organisations with a single, uniform interface for accessing a variety of information types, inputs, and sources. 1Tech portals are designed for maximum flexibility, supporting different data types, distributed applications, and interfaces ranging from PCs to PDAs. Personalisation features define the user experience for each individual allowing those users to customise the look and feel of their environments. Integrated search and taxonomy features facilitate rapid retrieval of targeted content from various repositories.


  • Rich Web 2.0 user interface that includes drag-and-drop portlet repositioning, a dynamic portlet loader, and a portlet stylizer that allows end users to customize colors, fonts, and links without editing style sheets or HTML.
  • Immediate deployable theme architecture that allows portal administrators to deploy new portal Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) without modifying core code.
  • Scalable social media and project collaboration functionality and integration for enterprise-wide intranets or specific internal communities
  • Portal framework that enables users to fully leverage collaboration tools in an enterprise setting
  • Rules-based document repositories that ensure version control and easy file checkin/check-out functionality
  • Integration of email and status alerts, time tracking functionality, and other tools that optimize project management efficiency
  • User-friendly interfaces with common internet file system (CIFS) protocol and WebDAV support
  • Best-in-class security with authentication and permission levels that can accommodate varying user roles


  • Streamline workflow with content lifecycle management across all departments, business units and offices
  • Unified and personalised information access through a seamless consolidated user interface to multiple content repositories
  • Easily deploy, migrate and integrate content with existing enterprise applications, workflows and business processes
  • Reduce costs and improve ROI through zero licensing fees and no vendor lock-ins redirecting IT costs to business process improvements