What are open source solutions?

Open source solutions allow companies to acquire software at a fraction of the cost of commercial counterparts. 1Tech consulting services ensure that our customers realise the full potential of open source products and helps increase the return on investment by uncovering the business solution value from the value chain.


Issues around open source

However, lack of professional support for the implementation of open source solutions can become an issue, and at 1Tech we are committed to addressing that concern. 1Tech provides open source technology consulting that offers a wide range of services including implementation and support for high quality, open source CRM, CMS, eCommerce, EMR and other software solutions.


Open source consulting

1Tech has a team of experienced open source technology experts available to work with customers throughout every phase of application design, definition, development, and deployment.


We specialise in open source and it's use in the enterprise;
The 1Tech team is uniquely capable of understanding our customers' business requirements and applying the best possible open source technology to accomplish their goals;
Our unique position in the open source community means that we have a rich understanding of, and ready access to, open source platforms that help solve content management challenges;
We are a highly talented group of senior professionals who offer a unique blend of core experience in our areas of expertise;
We provide proven industry solutions within specialized vertical markets;
We apply our resources appropriately and with close client interaction;
We offer flexible and scalable solutions at a competitive price.


Reducing Cost

1Tech is not just another IT consulting firm. We operate at the forefront of change -- helping large complex companies reduce IT budgets and the overall cost of commercial software through the use of Open Source. We apply valuable expertise and experience to transform the use of Open Source software into tangible business solutions allowing customers to save money and reinvest into developing their business. We offer high quality, cost effective staffing and project-based solutions using industry experts, people who've been there and done that.


Years of Experience

On average, our consultants have 10 years of practical experience with Open Source Software. We have the talent for rapidly assessing the big picture, delivering projects on time and under budget.


Our Value

From contract staffing to project based work of any size, 1Tech will help you find significant cost savings and greater reliability than what you may be experiencing. We appreciate the chance to earn your business, give us a call today.