Our Success, unlike many other companies, is not determined by how much profit we make, but instead it is gauged on how long we retain our customers. Our business strategy is not to sell a one-off solution, but to create and maintain a long-term, equal customer relationship.


Because 1Tech creates flexible solutions based on business requirements, we can integrate and optimise open source technology based on industry, business process, regulatory issues or any other criteria. Given the breadth and depth of both our open source and development expertise we can rapidly and effectively deliver the most powerful solutions available.


You will find extensive information on our track record including a full customer list, carefully selected case studies and supportive testimonials.


1Tech customers range from enterprises to government agencies, located around the world. We are recognised as the partner of choice with over 300 years combined experience in delivering value for money business solutions on open source software - 96% of our customers are referenceable. Learn more

Case studies

1Tech has provided a number of case studies that fully demonstrate our practical experience in solving complex customer problems, delivering workable, cost effective solutions exhibiting many benefits for our clients. Our worldwide recognised case studies illustrate our competence in delivering domain and industry specific specific business solutions. Learn more


What our clients say - We work hard to ensure client satisfaction. This is why most of our business today is repeat business. See what our clients have to say about 1Tech. Learn more