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Enterprise Content Management

A complete suite of enterprise content management (ECM) solutions, from document management, records management and content dissemination.


Today’s commercial enterprises and government agencies face significant challenges as they strive to meet the rapidly growing need to manage thousands, and sometimes millions, of documents generated throughout the normal course of business operations—all while increasing end-user productivity and lowering IT costs.


For many organisations, traditional approaches to enterprise content management center on software applications from proprietary vendors that are expensive, difficult to deploy and costly to maintain. Moreover, most of today’s legacy content management systems were built prior to the development of the institutional IT infrastructure components and standards that we now take for granted. Shared network drives are sometimes used to manage enterprise documents and content, but this approach can quickly grow out of control. In short, the lack of document management facility and efficiency in most organizations often leads to miscommunication, lost information, and disorganized or inefficient workflow all of which result in project delays, wasted time and redundant effort, not to mention frustrated employees, partners and customers.


Our ECM suite includes the following core solutions that can either be implemented alone or integrated together:


Document Management

Manage millions of documents through their lifecycle with easy to use search, storage, indexing, and version management. Solutions include enterprise document management and digital asset management. More

Records Management

Meet audit requirements through retention of digital records using a fully ISO 15489 compliant records management solution. Solutions include enterprise records preservation and retention, records management, compliance, imaging and forms management. More