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Enterprise Collaboration and Community

A complete suite of enterprise content management (ECC) solutions, powered by portal technology capable of supporting external and internal collaboration and community requirements.


For many, community and collaboration tools within the enterprise are either non-existent or based on legacy systems that are difficult and costly to maintain. Uniting employees, business partners and other stakeholders into one dynamic, collaborative ecosystem provides significant benefits, including accelerated project workflow, greater opportunity for innovation, and optimal brand value through unified messaging across all communication channels.


1Tech enterprise collaboration and community (ECC) solutions enable organisations to transform traditional static internet, intranet and extranet sites into dynamic, collaborative work environments through an array of open source portal and user-generated content functionality. Managing projects and facilitating open communication among employees and external users requires a strategic approach to collaboration. 1Tech's uniquely tailored ECC solutions help increase workflow efficiency, facilitate knowledge sharing and, ultimately, drive innovation and business value.

Our ECC suite includes the following core solutions:


Provide a seamless unified, personalised easy to use user interface aggregating corporate information assets. Deliver information from anywhere, in any format. Our solutions includeinternal and external portals that deliver intranet, extranet and internet based collaboration. More


Create secure client or partner facing websites (extranets) incorporating both personalisation for partners and employees. More

Social Networking

Our social collaboration solutions help organisations to improve business performance, increase innovation and share business intelligence. More