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Cost effective open source innovative enterprise collaboration and community functionality drives success

Just as social networking, blogs and forums are changing the way consumers connect, share information and make buying decisions, Enterprise 2.0 technologies and business processes are beginning to free workforces from the constraints of traditional communication and productivity tools. As a result, employees are accessing information faster, collaborating across the enterprise with greater ease, and gaining a competitive advantage through increased productivity and flexibility.

Our Open Source Enterprise Collaboaration and Community solutions allow organisations to reap the benefits of open source and promote functionality that is superior to commercial vendor software in this area. Our clients have developed truly leading edge applications that taking advantage of rich social networking, community and collaboration features without the need to pay any licensing fees for the software.


1Tech addresses today’s workplace challenges with Enterprise Collaboration and Community (ECC) Solutions that enable organisations to transform traditional, static intranets into dynamic, collaborative work environments through an array of open source portal and user generated content functionality. When you choose our open source portal solution Liferay your organisation benefits from an exceptionally low total cost of ownership. No longer does your organisation need to pay for license fees or  applications infrastructure and in most cases our clients have seen reduced customisation timeframes. In most cases the TCO between a proprietary and open source solution deliverred by us using Liferay saves up to 70% in delivery costs.


Please download the full white paper on how Open Source Enterprise Community and Collaboration solutions Open Source Enterprise Collaboration and Community - Cost Savings versus proprietary enterprise portal solutions

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