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Cost effective open source Enterprise Content Management solutions that maximise ROI

Commercial enterprises and government agencies face significant challenges as they strive to meet a rapidly growing need to manage thousands, sometimes millions, of documents generated throughout the normal course of business operations -- all the while increasing end-user productivity and lowering IT costs. As your organisation’s digital information continues to grow geometrically, 1Tech’s uniquely tailored solutions will help you harness the power of your content. Enterprise Content Management Solutions by 1Tech provide end-users with the tools and access they need to innovate and propagate faster in ways that greatly benefit IT departments. 1Tech’s deep experience with open source enterprise content management, document management and records management solutions across multiple vertical markets improves productivity and the bottom line.


For many organisations, traditional approaches to enterprise content management centre on software applications from proprietary vendors that are expensive, difficult to deploy and costly to maintain. Moreover, most of today’s legacy content management systems were built prior to the development of the institutional IT infrastructure components and standards that we now take for granted. Shared network drives are sometimes used to manage enterprise documents and content, but this approach can quickly grow out of control. In short, the lack of document management facility and efficiency in most organisations often leads to miscommunication, lost information, and disorganised or inefficient workflow—all of which result in project delays, wasted time and redundant effort, not to mention frustrated employees, partners and customers.


Please download the full white paper on how Open Source Enterprise Content Management solutions can benefit your organisation Open Source Enterprise Content Management - ROI and Benefits

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