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1Tech's new Liferay professional services certification

1Tech and Liferay agree a partnership to deliver certified Liferay professional services to our clients. Being a certified service partner means that 1Tech hold a minimum of 5 certified Liferay developers and systems administrators in our portal practice.


Liferay Service Partners (US and International) provide a full offering of Liferay Portal professional services and support around the world. 1Tech are a Liferay certified Service Partner providing Liferay expertise in the UK, Europe and Middle East region.


Liferay (http://www.liferay.com) is 1Tech’s preferred open source portal solution. Liferay is the leading open source
portal based on the JEE platform with over 60 portlets out of the box and the most innovative technologies to let you do everything from web publishing, to building an intranet, to simply getting the right documents and applications to the right people.
1Tech are able to leverage many previous experiences of implementing open source portals. 1Tech are a certified Liferay services partner ensuring high quality and cost effective delivery of open source portal solutions.


1Tech have delivered over 100 Liferay implementations to our clients in over 12 years. You can view our partnership credentials at Liferay's partner section.

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